Heart and Stroke “Make Death Wait” Campaign



The key to unearthing the potential of the Heart and Stroke brand was to focus on the disease, not the organization.  The recognition of the Heart and Stroke Foundation was already high and Canadians trusted the brand but they did not see heart disease or stroke as relevant or urgent health issues today.  Canadian boomers felt that these issues were solved and would not impact them. What they clearly did not know is that it was the #1 killer of women or that it took 1 in 3 Canadians before their time.


The Make Death Wait campaign exposed the real risk of heart disease and stroke and asked Canadian boomers to pay attention. The advertising agency felt that the campaign needed to hit people over the head with a two-by-four and wake them up to the real risk.  And the campaign certainly accomplished this:  the research showed a significant change in Canadian boomers’ sense of urgency and relevancy of heart disease and stroke after the launch of the campaign.


Canadian boomers did more online risk assessments than ever before, shared their concerns of heart disease and stroke through social media and gave 20% more donation revenue to the organization. The awareness levels achieved by the campaign were overdelivered by 140%. This also shows the power of a great execution. Getting the strategy right is only half the job. This is truly a great example of unearthing the potential behind a brand.

– My philosophy….. “find the right insight and don’t stop until the execution is brilliant”