Here’s what others are saying:

“Thank you for the significant leadership and facilitation roles you played in getting us to our first-ever Master Brand Architecture. … Your knowledge of the not-for-profit world coupled with your extensive experience with agencies was truly invaluable. Our environment is a highly complex one, with multiple stakeholders, many of whom can only be swayed to decision by influence, not by authority.  Your experience in this arena allowed us to design a process that took this into account, and got us to the final approvals of the Architecture with satisfied, rather than frustrated, stakeholders. …We have already begun to implement our Master Brand Architecture and are beginning to reap the benefits of a common voice for our brand.”

Laura Syron, VP Community Programs, Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation


“I hired Lisa as I recognized her strength in strategic insights in brand building and her ability to bring together incompatible groups of thinkers and doers in one Organization and guide them to a unilateral solution and approach.” —- “The results [of the new positioning for the Tabi brand] were excellent.  We achieved full support from all stakeholders.  We developed a brand story and followed the learning of our sessions into the company philosophy and vision and through the manufacturing and designing of the clothes and finally into the look of the stores.”

Arlene Lebovic, Director of Marketing, Tabi International


“In my professional opinion Lisa is an authentic, visionary leader who has the personal and professional capacity inclusive of knowledge base, skill set and personal talents, to add incredible value to a diverse spectrum of businesses and organizations. ….She was responsible for vision casting, developing and bringing to market a Brand Architecture and resulting Brand Campaign for the Heart and Stroke Federation. …This level of strategic design and national integration had never before been achieved at Heart & Stroke and therefore it was recognized that Lisa’s leadership and leadership style were critical to our collective success.”

Diana Krecsy, CEO Heart and Stroke Foundation, Alberta


“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and directly working with Lisa Chicules on several occasions since 2001. Our partnership began on the Nike business and has continued ever since. ……It goes without saying that I place great value in Lisa’s competencies as a critical thinker and results oriented leader. Lisa has always been a trusted partner with exceptional strategic insight and who can build collaboration in teams. Lisa brings out the best of those around her, seeking to understand individual stakeholder motives and drivers. She’s meticulous and driven to deliver results, without fail.”

– Randy Weyersberg, Chief Marketing Officer, Meridian Credit Union