Jungle Lion or Zoo Lion?

lightbox-slide3So are you a jungle lion or a zoo lion?  A zoo lion relies on others for survival, it is fed on a schedule, it is kept safe from outside harm and lives a predictable life.  But a jungle lion has to fend for itself, assess risk and the current environment and rely on its own judgement and instincts for survival.

Clearly this is a metaphor and not a debate about whether lions should live in a zoo or the jungle.  But it is a provocative way to think about business today.  I think we can all agree that today’s business world is a jungle – it is ever changing, growing and evolving.  It is far from predictable, reliable or safe.  In today’s business environment, gone are the days of using past results to predict future behaviour, doing what’s proven, not innovating because of fear of failure, or worrying more about getting fired for doing something than being fired for doing nothing.

The business environment is unpredictable, so do you want to rely on someone else for your survival?  Do you want to wait around for someone else to feed you the answer?  Or do you want to explore the jungle and carve your own path to success?

– Lisa Chicules, “definitely a jungle lion”