Lisa Chicules


Lisa Chicules is a brand champion and transformative leader within the marketing and communications industry.  With over 20 years of experience orchestrating innovations that generate high impact results, Lisa has been the driving force behind concept innovation, brand discovery and positioning, and change management for a variety of corporate, private, and not for profit organizations.

Currently an independent consultant, Lisa partners with stakeholders, engaging easily with diverse audiences and leveraging her unique stakeholder insight to effectively analyze business challenges, steer brand discovery, and influence positive outcomes.

After completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance and Economics at the University of Western Ontario, Lisa commenced her career in advertising, where she provided major contributions to world-renowned agencies, including: J. Walter Thompson, DDB, and Leo Burnett.   She later joined Cossette Communications and progressed into the role of Vice President, National Client Leader to propel a variety of award-winning creative campaigns for General Mills Canada Ltd., Coca Cola Canada, and Nike Canada Ltd.

In 2006, drawing upon her wealth of marketing and communications expertise, and fueled by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Lisa launched her own successful consulting business where she continued to provide strategic thought leadership to major brands and clients.

Having generated significant business growth and positive organizational change in the corporate and private industries, Lisa transitioned into the role of Vice President, Marketing and Communications for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.   During her three years with the not for profit organization she led a team that developed and launched a National Direct Marketing Strategy, The Calendar Lottery product innovation, and the first ever integrated national brand and fundraising campaign “Make Death Wait”.

Now spearheading her own consultancy business once again – Lisa Chicules Consulting – Lisa is applying her well-rounded communications and marketing expertise to assist clients and agencies throughout Canada and the United States.  She works closely with all organizational levels to cultivate a range of brand and communication strategies that motivate and propel growth.

In addition to the numerous sustainable and high impact results Lisa has generated for her clients, she has developed several prestigious and award-winning creative campaigns and been honored globally for her work on key accounts, including: Heart and Stroke Foundation: CMA Marketing Awards Gold 2012, Applied Arts Gold 2012, Coca Cola Canada, Powerade and Barq’s: London International Advertising Awards and Advertising and Design Club of Canada, 2003, Nike women’s initiative: Nike Global recognition for Women in Sport, 2003 and General Mills, Honey Nut Cheerios, One Show, Certificate, TV Broadcast, New York, 2000.